Monthly Archives: May 2016

Our new “Friends” network is now active and we are looking for 500 friends. Will you be one?

Download this leaflet to see if you too can help us take our amazing work forward, so that eventually everyone in the land will be able to access a parish nursing ministry if they so desire.  Friends leaflet

Strictly speaking there is no such thing as a typical day for a Parish Nurse. The nature and scope of their work varies tremendously, depending on their own competencies and gifting, as well as the church’s vision and strategy. However, to provide an insight into our work, we thought we’d give an example of what a day might entail.

  • Start with prayer
  • Catch up with admin. Typically this includes making telephone calls to arrange visits & liaising with other professionals about specific cases, including various documentation, form-filling and emailing
  • Attend the church health drop-in centre. Give advice, help with health checks (eg height & weights, blood pressure checks, etc)
  • Lunch
  • More phone calls, mainly liaising with families, patients, GPs and other professionals. Coordinating meetings & appointments, etc
  • Visit GP & then hold meeting with local health visitors
  • Take Home Communion to elderly person
  • Visit
  • Paperwork