How You Can Help

You can help us achieve our vision to offer access to a parish nurse to everyone in the UK.

Talk about us
If you know a Christian nurse, please do tell her (or him) about our work and encourage them to visit this website for further information.
Quotes from nurses:

“At last I’ve found the kind of work I believe I was really cut out for. I can give quality time to my patients and use my skills to empower others.”

“As soon as I heard of Parish Nursing Ministries a fire was lit in my belly.”

“At last I’ve found what I truly believe I have been called to do.”

Tell your church about us
Encourage your church leaders to look at this website. We are happy to do talks, seminars or provide exhibition stalls wherever we’re invited to do so. Just send an enquiry through

Become a “Friend of Parish nursing”
If you share our vision, or if you’ve had good experience of care through a parish nurse, why not become a friend of Parish nursing and donate a small amount on a monthly basis to help us get the message out to many more churches and nurses? That way, those who are currently lonely, struggling with health problems, at risk of preventable illness or hospital admission, can find spiritual care and help towards better health through churches; people can find purpose for life, a sense of belonging and the life in all its fullness that Jesus came to bring. And nurses can find ways of being able to offer whole person care, enhancing the work of their colleagues in the NHS.
Just £5 a month would help us to put on a study or retreat day for 12 parish nurses, or make contact with many more churches and nurses through a stall at a regional event. £10.00 a month would help to support a parish nurse ministry in a very small church that cannot otherwise afford the expenses. £25.00 a month would help us to appoint another Regional Coordinator or Advocate to extend our work.
In return, we will provide you with a newsletter three times a year and so that you can follow their progress, pray for them, and encourage them in their work. We will also notify you of our national events and offer you a discounted rate if you wish to attend. Friends leaflet

Become an Advocate

if you share our vision and are able to communicate it well you may like to apply to be an advocate. Please contact us for more information.