Our Vision
Eventually, we are hoping that everyone in the UK will have access to a parish nurse. That means at least one church in every town, suburb, or large village will have a parish nurse as part of their ministry team, at least for a few hours a week.

Our Mission
is to support parish nurses and churches to improve the lives of people in the UK through whole person health care.

Our Objectives for the next 12 months:

Mindful of our Christian values PNMUK aims:

Objective 1: To promote the concept of parish nursing across the UK and to encourage deeper relationships with those exploring parish nursing

Objective 2: To ensure robust recruitment and acceptance processes for parish nurses

Objective 3: To provide education and training opportunities for parish nurses and health ministries

Objective 4: To ensure appropriate personal, spiritual and practical support for parish nurses

Objective 5: To develop and promote good practice guidelines in the delivery of parish nurse projects

Objective 7: To develop an effective leadership structure for Parish Nursing Ministries UK

Objective 8: To undertake fundraising activities to support the work of Parish Nursing Ministries UK